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Empowering first and second-generation women immigrants with the strength they need to make their dreams a reality

My immigration from Haiti to the United States was a journey full of self-discovery. Things holding me back were the "hump in the road" that I learned to overcome.I was overwhelmed by self-doubts.

I learned to speak English and gained formal education that I did not have.The different exercises helped me to find my positive, strong energy again. Today, I am well-focused, and I feel like I'm making a meaningful change in world.

I love Myself, and I'll make you love yourself too!


Signature Speaking Topics English- French and Haitian Creole

  • How to manifest the life your desire
  • How to succeed in America
  • Overcoming Language Barriers
  • How to Kick-Start your Intuition
  • How to get rid of self-doubt, get crystal clear on your vision, and achieve your goals
  • Healthy living 101: How to improve your health by eating whole foods, mediation, and mindfulness
  • Strategies to overcome challenges while in the United States
  • Going back to college at any age
  • Cultural diversity in your workplace- cultural awareness and sensitivity (for a corporation)
  • Embracing Your Uniqueness

If your topic is not on the list, please feel free to contact me. I would love to work with you.

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