In This Efficient, Mini-Course, You'll Learn:

  • How to Connect with Your Inner Guidance?
  • How to Awaken The Power Within You?
  • How to Unlock Your Gifts?
  • How to Manifest A Clear Direction?
  • How to Overcome the Current Challenges You're Facing?
  • How to Identify and Execute the Best Steps for Your Relationships, Business And Goals?
  • How to ALWAYS Make the Best and Most Productive, Decisions?
  • How to Meditate/ Guided Meditations
  • Practical Exercises/Rituals
  • Tips and advices on how to connect with your guide
  • And How to Create A Life You ALWAYS Love Waking Up To!

And It All Takes ONLY 3 Simple Steps

Do You Need A Fool-Proof Method That Has Helped Hundreds of My Clients Which Were in Your Exact Same Position Kick-Start Their Intuition In JUST 3 Simple Steps?

Step 1

You'll learn how to PROPERLY MEDITATE, and I will guide you through every step of the way.
Did you ever feel like meditating is beneficial for you? Just wait until you try this almost forgotten meditating method; it's on an entirely different level.


Step 2

I'll teach you how to create Delicious Super Foods that will strengthen your spirituality.

Course Overview

Kick-start your intuition mini-course is a weekend course guided by Paulette that will support you in reawakening that natural ability to receive your own inner guidance confidently and efficiently and to connect with your higher self to receive guidance and support.

This course will help you awaken your natural Intuition, trust it to help you make the best decisions for yourself in creating a life that you love waken up to.

I will teach you how to go inside you for all answers. You will never have to go outside for answers, I will teach you how listen to your natural Intuition for guidance.

Your Intuition is natural! Is God-given gift and We’re born with it. You may not be aware of your intuitive abilities or you may lack confidence in trusting yours.

This mini-course will teach you a variety of techniques to awaken and develop your natural Intuition quickly.

Learning Outcomes


Course Schedule

  • Total Hours: 3 Hours
  • Total Class: 1 Class (Weekend)
  • Learn and understand how to be true to yourself
  • Learn the difference between guessing or Intuition
  • Learn how to trust yourself
  • Know how to develop the positive mental attitude.
  • Learn the proper way to visualize
  • Understand the real you
  • Tools you can use to strengthen your Intuition
  • How to connect with your guide for additional support & guidance
  • How to use your Intuition to manifest, Money, love, relationship, and better health.
  • Natural Food that good for your brain and your Intuition
  • Guided meditation

Kick Star your Intuition Mini-Course $199.00

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