Manifest your Desires and Goals. 9 Simple Steps to Getting Everything you Desire in Life.


So, you have written your goals down, given yourself a time frame but now you want to know step by step the secret on how you can manifest them. There is more to manifestation than just the three steps ask, believe, and receive that is found in the hit movie The Secret. Can you actively visualize your goals? Do you have space for your blessings to come in? or do you like to control every aspect from the how to the when? Let’s dive deeper into the 9 simple steps of manifesting your desires and goals.

1. Meditate on Your Goals and Desires

Be clear and specific on your goals and desires. if you are not sure what you want to meditate on and ask God or the universe to help you.  Make sure you have a reason on why you want you to achieve these goals. Also make sure it is not for a selfish reason. If you want a new car or house because you want to keep up with joneses or to show off, it is not going to work. However, if you want a house because you would like to provide a better home for your family the universe will cooperate. It is important to understand that like attracts like. So, you do not attract what you want, you attract what you are, therefore it is important that your heart and intentions are pure.

2. Visualize Your Goals

When you visualize make sure you are happy and feel as if you are living the experience now. Many athletes practice visualization as a part of their training, giving them a competitive edge and over sense of well-being. If you have seen the movie “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne you might have heard Bob Proctor say that “If you can see it in here, you are going to hold it here”. This is what Mr. Proctor was referring to. If we can see the outcome using our imaginations by Law of Attraction, we must experience it without. This concept is further explained by The Law of Correspondence which states “As above, so below, as within so without.”

3. Do Not Question the God/Universe Too Much

Trusting that the universe has a plan is synonymous to you growing in your mother’s womb. You did not have to think about how to grow your fingers or toes. You had to surrender and trust that all would be well. Trusting is a big part of the process. As they say, let go and let God. 

4. Declutter your House, your Mind and Relationships.

Get rid of all the old things you have in your house, make room for the new. In Catherine Ponder’s book “Dare to Prosper” she talks about nature arbors a vacuum. When you declutter the various areas of your life of old things that are no longer serving you, new and even more amazing things can happen for you. You will have created space for your desires to manifest. 

4. Have Conviction. Believe it is Coming.

Do you have faith as small as a mustard seed? Knowing that your desires will manifest is having absolute conviction that you are worthy of what you say you want. Energy cannot be created or destroyed and so if you can think it, see it and believe it, it is already yours. 

5. Examine Your Heart. Why do you Want it?

Ensure that your predominant qualities are kindness, compassion, respect, tolerance, happiness, gratefulness, understanding and patience, rather than jealousy, hatred, resentfulness, anger, sorrow, frustration, and sadness.

6. Show Gratitude

When you are ungrateful, you will never receive more. Instead of focusing on the things that you do not want or have, focus on the things that you do have. When you focus on lack you get lack. When you focus on what you are grateful you get more things to be grateful for. What are you choosing to focus on?

7. Be Generous and Sharing

Abundance attracts greater abundance. You can always give from an overflowing cup. The people around you and the world will feel very much a part of your abundance if you share. As karma says what you give is what you get. Keep giving to keep receiving. 

8. Spend More Time in Nature.

Spending time with nature boosts happiness and makes you more creative and productive. Nature helps you be more grateful and release stress. The Japanese coined the term “Shinrin-Yoku” which means forest bathing and is used for preventative healthcare. Forest bathing is good for mental, physical and spiritual health, as well as decreased stress, immune health, lower blood pressure levels and quicker recovery from illness or trauma.

9. Take Positive Action

If you want to manifest $5,000 a month extra income you must also take positive steps to help your manifestations take place. For example, you may want to start a contract work or small business online. If you want to buy a new house, the first step is to make sure you have good credit.

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